Latex – what is it?

Latex is special polymer dispersion, i.e. a heterogeneous mixture of different substances in the aqueous stage. Depending on the atom diameter and polymer material, polymer dispersal materializes more or less opaque to pallid fluids. In industrial production, such synthetic polymer dispersion is often produced and used in the form of adhesive, binder or for emulsion paints. Polymer dispersions are also frequently used as intermediates in the plastics and rubber industries. However, there are also polymer dispersions that occur in nature. One of the most important is the natural latex, the latex of the rubber tree.

What properties does Naturlatext have?

The natural rubber is usually obtained in Southeast Asia from the original from Brazil derived rubber tree. The process of vulcanization developed in 1839 converts the plastic rubber juice into elastic rubber. The latex juice is released by scoring the tree bark and collected in containers. Unvulcanized natural rubber is viscoelastic, i. it is easily deformable. After vulcanization, natural rubber shows two areas of elasticity: At low temperatures, it is now elastic, so it completely returns to its original shape after a force has been applied. At high temperatures, however, the material is still viscoelastic. Compared to common synthetic variants, natural rubber is more durable. You can buy latex mattresses at amerisleep.

The special thing about latex mattresses

Most latex mattresses are mixed forms, so they are made of natural and synthetic latex. In addition, there are mattresses, which are made exclusively from natural latex. The higher the proportion of natural latex, the higher is the point elasticity of the mattress. The support quality of the mattress also improves with increased use of natural latex. The advantage that natural latex has a higher volume weight turns out to be a small disadvantage at the same time as the mattress is heavier overall. Accordingly, models made of natural latex are heavier than, for example, mattresses made of cold foam. Latex mattresses are extremely hygienic and are well suited for allergy sufferers. They are also recommended for lateral and abdominal sleepers, as they have a very good and elastic support performance.